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“Carmen Bianchi is a pioneer in the field of family business. With keen enthusiasm for entrepreneurial businesses, and all businesses, she has a special combination of practical and wise business insight along with a wonderful belief in family business and eagerness to support families. She has an energy that lifts all around her; a vast experience base; and a wonderful network to bring to any business family. She’s also a gifted teacher!”

John L Ward
Co-founding Principal, The Family Business Consulting Group
and Clinical Professor, Kellogg School of Management

“Carmen has an infectious enthusiasm that adds energy to her teaching and advising activities. If my family was struggling with communication or business issues  I would call her first.”

Professor Randel Carlock
Berghmans Lhoist Chaired Professor in Entrepreneurial Leadership
Founding Director of the Wendel International Centre for Family Enterpriset

“Carmen Bianchi has achieved premier status in the field of family business consulting. Drawing first from her personal experience, followed by education, training and practice, she developed a skill set that has proved valuable to a multitude of family firms. Carmen’s strengths stem from her diagnostic and interpersonal talents. She has leveraged those talents by identifying associates who extend the assistance she can provide to both families and enterprises. I have had the privilege of observing Carmen in action and enthusiastically endorse her as an expert in family business consulting.”

Frank Hoy
Paul R. Beswick Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Carmen has great experience, knowledge and empathy to work with families that are involved in family business. She understands the dynamics of the family whether it is from the founders perspective or from the sucessors. Our family has worked with her and I personally observed how her great inter-personal skills and understanding help us and am pleased to recommend her to anyone considering using a family business consultant.”

Charles Wax
Waxie Sanitary Supplies

“Carmen Bianchi has a rare combination of passion and selfless dedication. Her years and service to the field of family enterprise, combined with her in depth knowledge of the field and most important, her ability to communicate it effectively, make her an outstanding educator and consultant to business families.”

Paul Karofsky
Founder & CEO Transition Consulting Group, Ltd
Executive Director Emeritus
Northeastern University Center for Family Business

“When I first met Carmen, I knew immediately that she could reach and identify with every member of our family. Carmen has been able to facilitate many important and difficult conversations for us; those that most families avoid at their own peril. Already in our fourth generation, much of what we have done to make this business endure for future generations has been done with Carmen’s help in a very short period of time. I now feel very comfortable that we have rebuilt a solid foundation for our business and our family.”

Tom White
Executive V.P.Haws Corporation

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