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Evolving Concepts of Practice Building

On October 27th from 1:45-4pm Carmen will be presenting at the FFI Master Class Panel “Evolving Concepts of Practice Building” with François de Visscher, de Visscher & Co; Dirk Jungé, Pitcairn; Marion McCollom Hampton, Banyan Family Business Advisors; Michael Shulman, The Birchwood Group, and Paul Karofsky, moderator

“Join senior practitioners representing various models of practice as they share their experiences and insights on how their practices have evolved over time. Then participate in a small group session with one of them to ask more specific questions on how to build your practice. A true once-in-a lifetime opportunity to learn from key leaders in the field how the building and managing of practice has changed in the last 30 years and what the future might hold.”

For more information on how to attend visit

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