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Entry & Exit Strategy

For some closely held or family-owned businesses, the options of keeping the business in the family, selling to employees, selling to competitors or financial buyers, and even selling to the general public are not viable choices. Does that mean that you should just liquidate the business and close the door?

Absolutely not. Whether your goal is to provide liquidity to your retirement, provide your family members with equity and employment, or merely see your business continue into the future, Carmen Bianchi Family business consulting has the right experience to help current owners and operators to plan their Exit Strategy. Additionally, and sometimes more importantly, we also help your next leader ease into the tough task of replacing a well established leader.

Passing the Business to Family

For this exit strategy to work it requires as much advance planning as possible. There are many reasons for this, including the possibility of conflicts and tensions between siblings, spouses, non-family executives, and other investors.

If you decide to pass the business to family, you will need to address:

* Strategic issues such as leadership and management choices, restructuring of the business, or sale of all or a portion of the business.
* Legal & tax issues such as shareholder agreements, prenuptial agreements, marriage or divorce of a child or shareholder, or death of spouses, key employees or a potential successor.
* Family policy issues such as share ownership of family vs. non-family executives, shares for new children or grandchildren, impact of illness or disability, the owner’s retirement plans, and employment conditions of family members in the business.

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