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Conflict Resolution

Too often, sweeping potential conflict under the rug is what happens in family enterprises. Rather than respectfully addressing problems that could cause strife, they are ignored and allowed to fester until some combination of events makes them impossible to overlook. By then the conflict may be so intense and deep-rooted, or the business may be in such a delicate and precarious position, that resolution is much more difficult.

But any method of conflict resolution is probably OK as long as the solution you choose doesn’t belittle or demean anyone or force a winner-and-loser outcome. There is one simple, widely used method to resolve common conflict that goes by the acronym DESC. The letters stand for “Describe, Express, Specify, and Consequences.” Here’s a scenario that shows how you can apply DESC to resolve a simple conflict within your family enterprise.

A family business member has consistently been arriving late to meetings. Other family members are annoyed with the behavior, teamwork is deteriorating, and important decisions are being delayed. As the leader of the business, you are expected to do something about it. In fact, given what you know about the risk of delaying resolution, you really want to do something about it and move on. How can you best correct the situation?

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