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Welcome to Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates. We stand ready to help your family owned business with a variety of issues including Succession, Family Rivalries, and Strategic Thinking.

A premier provider of Family & Closely Held business consulting, Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates was formed in 1995 to help family businesses with a wide variety of challenges. Our organization will work with you and your family members in a variety of formats including one on one sessions, family councils, and family retreats. We also conduct a number of seminars on a variety of family business issues. We encourage you to explore our web site. You will find a great deal of information here about family business.

Carmen Bianchi has been a Family Business Consultant since 1991. She is the founder of San Diego State University’s EMC Business Forum and was the Director of the program. She was also the President of the Family Firm Institute, 2007-2009. Ms. Bianchi is the founder and President of Carmen Bianchi Family Business Associates.

Carmen chaired the Global conference of FFI in October, on the 16th – 19th, 2013

Planning your successful exit

One of the biggest dilemmas facing these CEOs/presidents/founders is letting go. How do you let go? A traditional estate or succession plan for a family or closely held business should encompass and be part of the estate plan, the financial plan and the strategic plan. Every closely held and family business company should have an exit strategy.

Do not set up your next generation for failure. Make sure that the successor desires this position and is capable of being a leader. Establish good mentorship and development programs as well as good leadership programs.

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